Poi Pet City, Cambodia (+855) 71 999 4497 / (+66) 6-1272 1446

How does Kewin Management work?

Our company manages the property by processing ineffective area of property into business area. We provide service to our customer and client with excellence, professionalism, and ensure the satisfaction by giving premium quality services to the customer.

When was kewin Management Established?

Kewin Management was established in 14-04- 2014 located in Krong Poi Pet, Cambodia, at the border between Thailand and Cambodia. This company growth as property management, ensuring the investor achieves effectiveness in gaining profit and maximizes their ROI (Return of Investment) percentage.

What is Kewin Management?

Kewin management is the biggest management company in Poi Pet which is rent or manages Office, Apartment, Restaurant, GYM, Swimming Pool and Café.